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Ancient soul

2 juni 2021

There are a special kind of people in this world, who are most of the time hard to understand.
These people choose to be alone and at the same time attached.
They are free spirits, innocent lovers, they see the world as it should be, as it can be.

They are the ancient souls, the dreamers, the people in harmony with life - so intuitive with their emotions... that they scare us.
And it's not for what they are that scares us, but for what we think we are not, for what we think we lack.

The Straight souls reach depths that we cannot understand. They have a special connection with the Universe, with Nature.
They are the people who will change the world.

Their touch is unusual,
intimacy with them is unusual.
Unusual is the clarity with which they see things.
We often feel inferior, as if we should strive to be close to their level, in order to be worthy of their love.

To love a Straight Soul, you need TRUSTING YOURSELF
But I assure you, it's worth everything. It will change your life.

They are romantic, they are loyal, they help us grow, they understand the deep connections of life, they are grateful, they are examples of faith and courage.

They walk on the most painful paths of life, but they never lose the courage to smile, to be selfless, to support others.

To love a Straight Soul and to be loved by one... is a gift of the Universe.
The ancient souls are spread all over the world. And if you found one...
... you won the lottery of life!"

~~copyright Jorge Santos

Ancient soul
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